Mildenhall Auto Centre have several working bays with hydraulic lifts and state of the art electronic test equipment. We are continually updated with the current servicing and test specifications from Chrysler, Ford and General Motors.

Our mechanics are trained by the factory of the highest quality. Our office staff are similarly trained and offer a high standard of service. You can contact us directly by fax or telephone during our normal opening hours, or our inquiry pages and email are available for 24 hour contact.

We are also the delivery centre for Military Car Sales new vehicles sold in the UK where we modify and prep the vehicles ready for the UK roads.

We offer SVA (single vehicle approval) light conversion on all US spec vehicles. This approval scheme is a pre-registration inspection for cars and light goods vehicles that have not been type approved to British or European safety regulations.

The main purpose of the scheme is to ensure that these vehicles have been designed to safety standards before they can be used on British roads. Most imported vehicles are unsuitable for use in Britian without some modifications, the main part of this modification being the exterior lights.

We have state of the art diagnostic equipment including:
DRB II and III and WII Tech for the Chrysler vehicles, Tech I and II for the GM's and Ford IDS for the Ford's.

We also have direct links with the States which enable us to respond to any enquiry within a short space of time.

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