About Us

With a historically strong association with the United States, as a result of the US Air Force presence at the nearby RAF bases, it stands to reason that Mildenhall in Suffolk is also home to our specialist facility. Established in 1988, Mildenhall Auto Centre is dedicated to the service and repair of all makes and models of vehicle, both UK and US spec. 

Beginning as a general vehicle repair centre, Mildenhall Auto Centre became a franchise for Chrysler International in June 1988. In 1990 and 2000 the company took on additional GM and Ford service centre and invested in an extension to our Chiswick Avenue premises comprising extended workshop space on the ground floor, a more spacious reception area and stores and further office space on the first floor.

Today, Mildenhall Auto Centre caters to your automotive needs of all UK and US makes and models of car. We have extensive supplier connections for spare & replacement parts for all domestic UK car makes alongside US imports. 

MAC specialises in the servicing and repair of US spec vehicles and is an authorised warranty repair facility for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ford vehicles for use by visiting forces. With a wide range of Chrysler parts in stock and orders made on a weekly basis for Ford and GM parts, the company is able to respond to the exacting demands of its military clients. 

The general public continue to be catered for with the capacity to service and repair all makes and models of vehicles. We undertake all types of work including: 

  • MOT / SVA tests
  • Air conditioning regassing / service / replacement
  • Welding repairs
  • Light conversions (converting US cars to meet UK spec & deconversions ready for export back to the US)
  • Servicing, routine maintenance & tune-ups
  • Tyre & wheel replacement, alignment & balancing
  • Exhaust repair & replacement
  • Diagnostics, parts & repairs

We have a thoroughly professional service on offer to customers, backed up by extensive knowledge and experience in the service and repair of the full range of US spec vehicles.

Meet the team:

John Doe


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Charles Webb

MOT Technician

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Heidi Williams


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Leia Barnes

Tyres & exhausts

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Jack Davidson

Light Conversions

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Declan Harris

Diagnostics & Air-Con

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